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AndroidScript: Supercool!

It just happened that I discovered AndroidScript. It is an app for Android that lets you code and run your own app-javascripts  right on your mobile device or – even cooler – code on your PC via Wifi. Well this is somehow similar to what we used to have using SL4A (js). BUT the app itself hosts a browser based mini IDE that you can use on your PC with your mobile devce being a host. Just connect and click the run button and you can watch and debug the script on your mobile device.

This is very easy and it feels more lightweight than the workflow in the SL4A environment. I´m not quite shure if there isn´t just SL4A under the hood. In fact the hardware api given looks quite similar at a glimpse.

But this provides even more: you can easily code the api to get some UI to control your script-app, too.

I will find out, if and how the scripts could be run as a separate app. Maybe in a second part of this article.

Well, to add something from the domain of schulkontext.de: this could be something for programmin lessons in school, too!!